Chlorine Test Kits, Strips and Meters Swimmers in Pool

Testing for chlorine in drinking water, pool water, wastewater or any other type of water gives you the ability to keep the chlorine levels high enough to disinfect and/or low enough to not harm people or the environment.

  • Low chlorine levels can allow dangerous bacteria to grow and accumulate in pool or drinking water.

  • High chlorine levels can result in skin/eye irritation, damage to pool equipment, unpleasant tastes in drinking water, and permanent damage to the environment.

    Liquid Kits for Chlorine Testing
    Liquid Test Kits
    for Chlorine Testing

    Test Strips for Chlorine Testing
    Test Strips
    for Chlorine Testing

    Meter Kits for Chlorine Testing
    Meter Kits for Chlorine Testing

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