Chlorine Test Kits, Strips and Meters

Proper chlorine testing with a kit such as the eXact Micro 7+ Pool Test Kit helps keep water safe. Not testing chlorine levels can result in having too little chlorine in your water which can lead to unsafe levels of harmful bacteria in the water or too much chlorine which tastes bad, corrodes fixtures, bleaches things, etc.

+ Chlorine Test Meters for Drinking Water

eXact Micro 7+
for Drinking Water


+ Chlorine Test Meters for Pools & Spas

ColorQ w/ Liquid Reagents

ColorQ w/ Tablet Reagents

AquaChek TruTest Strip

eXact Micro 7+ Pool Kit

Orbeco Helliage
Scuba Basic Pool Testers

Checker HC Photometer -- Free Chlorine Meter
Checker HC Photometer
Free Chlorine Meter

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